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"The value of humanity can be found in the way we proceed through life; the way we go or do not go to war; the way we hate or love our neighbor; the way we abuse or cherish our children, and, most importantly, the way we disregard or value nature and all the beautiful creatures sharing this planet with us. Respect and appreciation of nature and of all life itself is the foundation upon which a kind heart stands."

"Happiness is important. When you're happy your soul's thirst for light is quenched. But sadness is also important, as it allows for down time and contemplation, and, without sadness, how could we recognize happiness."

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Theory of Probability

November 12th

It was Friday evening and I was sitting with my friend, Linda, drinking a glass of warm milk. I had been thinking about John a lot; this nice man that I had met at the bar the week before, and I was telling her all about him.

“He’s a little taller than I am. He has thick, brown, wavy hair and blue eyes and a great smile.”

“Sounds gorgeous?” she said.

“No. Not gorgeous—I don’t go for that type. He’s just handsome and nice. I don’t know what it is about him. He’s younger than I am, but you wouldn’t know it by talking to him.”

“How many years? Age means nothing.” Linda said.

“Six years, but really, he acts older. It doesn’t matter. He hasn’t called me yet and I don’t think he will.”

“And why do you say that?” Linda replied.

“Because they never call.”

“What a defeatist attitude.”

“It’s a Saturday nighthe’s probably out with someone.”

“…Or maybe not. You’re a little too anxious. In all probability he will call."

Linda is always the optimist. It was about six months ago that she and her husband accepted my application to rent rooms in their house. I have the basement apartment. It didn’t take long for us to become good friends. She is so sweet, and so is her husband. He’s a big rig driver so he’s off a lot. They have two children and a big orange cat named Cleo.

Linda was tired. She got up and took the cups to the sink. “Don’t you even think about doing these dishes. I’ll do them tomorrow. I’m going to bed to read—and stop thinking too much about this guy. A watched pot never boils.”

Linda started to make her way upstairs, yelling down to me “…and a phone never rings if you stare at it.”

I looked down at little Cleo, who was curling herself around my leg, and I sighed, “she’s right you know.”

I called up again to Linda, “Do you mind if I take Cleo down to my apartment with me?”

She called down, “Of course not. Just remember in the morning that she’s with you, so you don’t accidentally let her out.”

“Never!” I picked Cleo up and brought her down to my apartment.

Cleo took a liking to me almost immediately after I moved in. She’s a very loving cat. I never had a cat and I think now I will always like them. She curled up beside me in bed. What a comfortable feeling it is to have a cat purring away beside me while I read. The warm milk was having an effect on me too and my eyes started to close. I was very much at ease now and Linda’s words to me: in all probability he will call; a watched pot never boils; if the phone rings in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound—no, that wasn’t it—it’s the phone that never rings if you stare at it. All these words were beginning to fade into sleep when the phone actually did ring.

It was John! I was so happy to hear his voice. We talked for a little bit and then he finally asked, “Would you like to have dinner tomorrow night?”

“I don’t think I have anything planned…” I said, not wanting to sound too desperate. “No, I don’t have anything going on, so yes, I would love to.”

After we hung up I turned over, wrapped my arms around Cleo and kissed her little head. “What a little lucky charm you turned out to be tonight.”


  1. :] I especially like how this one ended... I haven't read the next chapter yet, though I plan to right after leaving this comment, but I did read like the first sentence so I know he goes to visit his mother. I like how the next "chapter" doesn't pick up where you left off in the previous. It makes the book all the more exciting and suspenseful. So many questions I am now waiting to be answered :]. I am a little confused though... The chapter before this... "Kathryn" is written before he meet the woman in the bar... is it the same Kathryn?

  2. Oh I also forgot to say... I like how you included Authors you are interested in yourself... Like Wodehouse. It makes it more personal and interesting... its like art :]

  3. Kelsey, I'm glad you pointed this out and I can understand your confusion. In the part before this, that is actually Kathryn telling her story. I will have to clear that up.